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Clinical Research Opportunities

Did you know that Dr. Julien is a Clinical Researcher and an inventor?

What does that mean? Dr. Julien is a well-known orthodontic researcher working with companies testing new products. Among recent projects she has two studies on clear aligners (think Invisalign) and a third study on a new type of orthodontic bracket. She also designs new orthodontic products on her own. One day soon patients may be wearing her orthodontic appliances.

Why does that matter to you? The research involves testing on real subjects. At Simply Smiles we offer the opportunity for our patients to join as subjects. Patients who participate pay very low treatment fees for their care.

How do I get my child into a study? Your child needs to have a recent consultation with this office. Subjects are chosen from our existing patient database. We do not advertise for subjects outside of the office.

Will my child be admitted to a study? These studies are small, we often need less than 10 patients. Each study has different criteria (age, type and condition of teeth as examples) which means not everyone will qualify for every study. Getting admitted is a combination of luck, timing, and patience.

What happens if there is no study available? It is your choice. You may opt to wait for your child to qualify for another study in the future. Or you are welcome to begin regular orthodontic treatment at your convenience. As future studies become available other family members are considered if they are in our program. The important factor is your child should be in our patient database prior to any new study.

If you are interested in being considered for future studies please call the office and schedule an appointment. Call the office soon for a free consultation. 

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